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You supply the water, we supply the rest! Come to any of our stores in the greater Nashville, TN area to shop for water lilies, lotus, bog plants, pond liners, pumps, filters, koi, gold fish and other pond fish, Highland Rim Aquatic Plant Fertilizer, algae control and more!

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About Our Business...

We are a a family business located in the scenic Fernvale community near Fairview, TN, easily accessible from Nashville. We raise over 200 varieties of aquatic and other plants on our premises. We carry beautiful imported fish disease free and of excellent quality. We carry all hardware supplies needed to construct your own pond, waterfall or waterscape, including pond liners, pumps, mechanical and biological filters, filter media, ultraviolet sterilizers, pond lights and fountains. We also have our own Highland Rim Aquatic Plant Fertilizer tablets and Highland Rim Koi Nutrition, standard and color enhancing.
Don't forget to check with our What's New section each time you visit for seasonal tips and specials. Our staff is experienced in water plant and fish care, and will be happy to provide guidance to those new to the field. Healthy, high quality plants, fish and high end pond products at reasonable prices enable our customers to enjoy a beautiful well balanced garden or koi pond.
Please visit us at our other store locations: (Click to view map)
Franklin, TN: Grassland Aquatics; 2164 Hillsboro Road; 615.790.0776
Goodlettesville, TN: Rivergate Aquatics; 204 Bluebird Drive; 615.851.9897

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